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About me




Within these words a human lies, someone who's travelled far,

From the USA to Dusseldorf, by railway, plane and car.

And when he comes back to his room, after he's been away.

He's not that fit for anything, so he lays in bed all day.

So don't expect too much of him, when knocking on his door,

His brains a little aged now, he can't take it anymore.

Written when I was 29 - My first attempt to understand depression

As you have no doubt realised my real name is not Sage Howls

Let's do the easy part first. I am a Howells.


According to people who say they know, this makes me an illegitimate son of a North Welsh king. Yes many people have confirmed that to me over the years. Usually in a more pithy way.

As for Sage, well that's not because of my wisdom.

Yes I went to University, did Civil Engineering for three years, did one year of it in real life and ran to the Marketing hills.

Sage is the grumpy old owl in the Herbs, a 70's children's programme.

Many say I am growing into that persona. I beg to differ.

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