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Kenny Everett Tribute Page

I loved Kenny Everett growing up. It was all done in the best possible taste, maybe!!!

However, on his radio show he had a running gag about people and their surnames.

Here I am collecting those I remember and some personal additions.

I have actually met someone with the name ... Teressa Green ... Trees are green, indeed they are.

Strange names

We would like to welcome Mr. and Mrs. ...

Green and their daughter Teressa

Phylactic and their daughter Anna

Curtain and their daughter Annette

Apicture and their son Andrew

O'Shea and their son Rick (thank you Thunderbirds)

Payers-Permission and their son Bill

Deere and their son John

Andout and their son Roger

Mywords and their son Mark

Onmymind and their daughter Georgia

Wall-carpeting and their son Walter

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