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In January 2021 I wrote a Haiku poem every day on Facebook for a month.

This was to highlight mental wealth and to try and raise money for Mind.

On the former I succeeded. On the later I failed.

So to rectify the later if you enjoy what is on this page please give kindly to Mind.

Pink Blossom
Screenshot 2021-03-25 at 16.04.49.png

A New Year's forming,

How must I sculpture my fate?

Carve it from kindness.

January 1

I wake to bird song,

Sunshine fills my inner soul,

And I am at peace.

January 2

Soul and body part,

Lost in thought, no sanity,

Need a rapid fix.

January 3

Sensing contentment,

Unusual for me these days,

Feels so delightful.

January 4

Anger flows within,

Fools reside in ivory towers,

Pissing on everyone.

January 5

I wake in darkness,

I go to sleep in darkness,

So where is my light?

January 6

Mother, though you're gone,

I will still strive to become,

The son you wanted.

January 7

Too much work this week,

My world is spinning around,

Why do we do this?

January 8

Walking in the fog,

Lost inside my happy thoughts,

Oh which way are they?

January 9

Under the duvet

Sun streaming through the window,

Beautifully relaxed.

January 10

Cookies finally made,

Too tempting to be left there,

Should I have a fourth?

January 11

January 12

World is in pieces,

We need to reconstruct it,

Install more empathy.


Snow is now forecast,

I look forward to the fall,

Cleansing the COVID.

January 15

January 13

I wake, you're not here,

I wonder why you've left me,

Are you mouse hunting?

I hear the flap close,

You are coming back to me,

I gasp at your present.

You are contented,

The mouse is now running loose,

Why do I feed you?

January 14

January 16

Rain on a bald head,

Refreshing and rhythmical,

Rain you sing to me.

January 17

Ridgeway walk complete,

The sheep must think we are mad,

What no fluffy coat?

January 18

So, sleep evades me,

The mirror reflects pain,

And I walk alone.

January 19

Dreams of elephants,

Large, grey, wrinkled and old,

That's my reflection.

January 20

Why is this so hard?

To keep it all together,

I cry in silence.

Biscotti now baked,

Waiting for them to cool down,

Coffee now brewing.

January 21

The window's open,

In our bed I am freezing,

It keeps her happy.

I've closed the window,

In my bed I'm now alone,

And no one's happy.

The windows open,

She sleeps soundly through the night,

I'm downstairs awake.

The stairs are creaking,

Snuggled up by the fire,

We're in love again.

January 22

January 23

Haiku ... bless you .. what?

Oh I see very funny,

Was that for a bet?

January 24

The snow if falling,

A blanket of innocence,

Childhood memories.

January 25

Snowmen are melting,

As carrots and scarves abound,

A sad sense of loss.

January 26


Its Heathrow not Tenerife,

Holiday cancelled.

January 27

I wake so early,

The silence wraps around me,

And I feel at peace.

January 28

Tennessee whiskey,

Is playing through my speakers,

Mellow makes me whole.

January 29

The weekend beckons,

I slump into the arm chair,

Californian wine.

January 31

Sadly it's ending,

Highs, low's and a runny nose,

Thanks for reading.

January 30
Happy ending required

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