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Welcome to Poetry Corner

These are my poems. What I have tried to do here is give the poem in full where I can.

Where I can't I've given the start of the poem and linked to a file if you want to read the poem or poems in full.

I love the creativity of poetry. It makes me see the world with different eyes.

Sweet Pastries
Kids Playing Tug of War

The Window (Writing in Haiku style)

The window's open,

In our bed I am freezing,

It keeps her happy.

I've closed the window,

In my bed I'm now alone,

And no one's happy.

The windows open,

She sleeps soundly through the night,

I'm downstairs awake.

The stairs are creaking,

Snuggled up by the fire,

We're in love again.

Tart (You decide)

There's a tart, in my heart, That I'm craving,

Theres a tart, that I'm loving and trust,

There's a tart with a savoury filling,

And a beautifully crafted crust.

I can't wait to get home this evening,

To enjoy this earthly delight,

Maybe you think I'm kinky,

But she'll sleep in my bed tonight.

There's a light (Hope springs eternal)

There's a light at the end of the tunnel,

There's a light that is shining on me,

There's a light at the end of the tunnel,

And it's helping me to see.

There's a cloud in my head that's dispersing,

There's a cloud that has brought me down,

There's a cloud that sent me reeling, 

Put pay to my life as a clown.

There are friends who are standing by me,

There are friends in my hour of need,

There are friends who will soon discover,

That I have now set me free.

There are words that seem over dramatic,

There are words that cut like a knife,

There are words that will unhinge you,

But I'm claiming back my life.

24 hours

A set of poems about our lives today

Watch Close-up

Midnight - Late night, Food fight

4 am - The sleek, bleak Mafia sheik

8 am - Blasted Faith

Midday - Yet in all innocence we start

4 pm - In the name of ...

8 pm - Children are the only way

Midnight again - Who's the bigger fool?

Extract from Midnight - Late night, food fight


Food fast, fast food, get it, got it, good,

He sighs, no surprise, cooking victory fries,

University bound he responds to these aliens with a withering grin,

French fries with potato surgically removed,

With salmonella Turkey burger and a side order of saturated onion rings,

Dressed in fat to ensure obesity ensues.


In this service station South of Stockport,

He hands over the plastic provisions, contents bulging,

To the Rolly Polly teenagers, who like piggies in a trough,

Satisfy their appetite but sacrifice their health,

On the alter of the church of ‘I want it now’.

I didn't ... (A poem against any ...ism's)

I didn't expect, in this world we'd erect,

So many more walls to break me,

We're humans, it's clear, we should live without fear,

Smash down these walls and run free.

So I didn't ask, to be middle class.

It's just I was born that way,

But you don't give a damn, I am who I am,

But you censure whatever I say.

I didn't think, I'd be pushed to the brink,

Because I was born a man,

You say we're all bad, and I feel like a cad,

Tell me is that a part of the plan?

I did not know, that bad feelings would grow,

Just because I am straight,

But I don't understand, why I should be banned,

Oh it's because I'm consumed with Hate. (Apparently)

I don't delight, in exclaiming I'm white,

Now I'm racist and a bigot as well,

So you then accuse, me of a colonial view,

And tell me I should go to hell.

I didn't perceive, or even conceive,

My age was letting me down,

But I find I'm too old, left out in the cold,

And I'm crying the tears of a clown.

I didn't expect, such a lack of respect,

All I'm doing is just being me,

I did not choose, to walk in these shoes,

Let's get back to true harmony.

Such cruel stereotypes, get us into fights,

We are human and all have our place.

I will celebrate you, and if you celebrate too,

We'll be happy as one human race.  |  123-456-7890

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