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A life in a year | Food for thought

Biscotti, thank you for asking. Home made, of course. You would not get baked goods this unevenly made in any self respecting bakery.

Why not? For me it is the process of baking which adds so much to my mental wealth. Measure out the ingredients, bring them all together like some kind of alchemy, bake in the over, taste, spit it out, throw it all in the bin and start again.

Angry? No. Whilst it is hard to do in the moment consider the positives. I have tried to create something new and not with a couch potato. I got close but leaving out the sugar was pretty stupid. Next time focus. These biscotti have way more almonds in them then should be scientifically possible and fennel seeds, a tip from Tom Kerridge which add so much for such a small plant.

Talking of plants i've created a herb garden on my balcony. Fancy!!! Not really. I used to have one at my previous abode but have only just set one up here. Up until now I did not have the Thyme. Pun is meant or punishment you choose.

Sage, Rosemary and Thyme but no Parsley. Sorry Simon and Garfunkel. It is amazing the difference fresh herbs make to any cooking. Lavender in shortbread, roast Lamb with Rosemary or sore Sage with Sage. Sorry, Sausage with Sage. The sore Sage comment is a friends joke along the lines of Sausage, Sage after a long run. Passage was Sage with children.

So Tom Kerridge is a Michelin chef so for my birthday we both went to Artichoke. No, this is not a new dance crazy, Let's do the Artichoke again, but a Michelin starred restaurant in Old Amersham. It might be just me but whenever I say a name with old in front of it I cannot resist pretending I'm speaking pirate. Aargh, Owld Amersham.

I love eating out but a Michelin star restaurant sets an expectation in my mind which can sometimes stifle the pleasure. It was the same here. I think I was over expecting, maybe the room span as the meal was fired at you from mini cannons on the table. You ended up covered in food but what an experience. Sadly this meal was nice, tame, OK.

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