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A life in a year | Give freely with love

Allelujah I went to the cinema. The sat nav was playing up. No, I went to see the NHS advertising film which is called Allelujah. Great cast including Judi Dench and Jennifer Saunders. The humour is fantastic in it and the ending, which I will not spoil, is a really good twist. Then they follow it with a public service announcement on behalf of the NHS. It sort of kills the effect of the ending for me. Give freely with love and don't preach please.

The value in giving without expectation. I suppose that is a theme in life whenever you look at mental wealth. In the past I have baked something and been really proud of my achievement only to be told that it did not taste very nice. That has drained me in the past but now I realise that unless I have burnt it and then it makes sense, the person on the receiving end is not a fan of shortbread or ginger cake or Scandinavian bread whatever. I have enjoyed the creation of whatever I have done and I have enjoyed the giving. That is enough. I have improved my mental wealth. If someone wants to pour cold water on your efforts don't read it that way. Try and understand that their mental wealth at that time is not great and respond with empathy in your heart and you response.

No hot water. This week I suddenly realised that I had no hot water. This is not great for me as I love a shower in the morning and not great for others due to the potential smell. The boiler was flashing at me pressure low which was not a prediction on the weather although it was pouring down outside. As it was out of hours and an emergency call out would have cost a fortune I resorted to YouTube and behold I found the fix. Yes I know that should have been my first port of call but I fixed it. Now I'm a plumber, yeah right, but I felt so good after achieving what is a small success. However, celebrate small successes they add beautifully to your mental wealth.

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