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A life in a year | My photographic month

The photographic challenge

I set myself the task of taking or using a photograph each day for a month which summed up my day.

This is not a unique idea but part of it was to test how to maintain your mental wealth which being challenged hard to do something daily.

What I found

What I found might not be surprising but it just reminded me of the things I should do when feeling my reserves of energy being drained by an ever pressing deadline.

  1. Don't panic - I know for those of a certain age this would be the cry of Corporal Jones on Dad's Army but it is true. On a number of days I struggled to find a photo which summed up a fairly relaxed and event free day. Just let it go. Does it really impact someone today? No. The next day I was feeling more creative and identified a picture right away.

  2. Don't be perfect - As someone who used to have a very smart camera and took a significant number of wildlife and natural photos the duck picture above is not perfect. It's too light, the definition is poor, blah de blah, but who cares? It was the most delightful sight of the day, it sums up the day and will forever remind me that spring had sprung in 2023.

  3. Enjoy it - Everything we do should add to ur mental wealth so if it is not enjoyable stop. I was going to do this for the year but I feel that the month of pictures has achieved what I wanted to achieve. Therefore why slog on doing something when there are other things to do that are far more able to raise mental wealth.

My conclusion is that this exercise helped me to be more observant of the landscape around me, listen to the bird song, smell the flowers, touch a butterfly as it landed on my finger and taste honey from last years bees.

Life is fun, find your fun.

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