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A Life in a Year | Voices in my head

Are you a collie? No I am not but I thought this was the best way to explain how I feel when you are active in my head.

Charming, you don't have to write this you know. I do. I've had a really challenging week and you being in my head have really damaged my mental wealth.

Suit yourself. The voices in my head are a distraction. The current official title for them are intrusive thoughts. Personally I think they should be called debilitating thoughts.

Well that's nice. Are you going to introduce us then?

Ok the main protagonists I'm my head are:

Maurice - I speak of the pompatus of love (Steve Miller - you're welcome)

Bruce - I'm gritty reality, this is the way it is. I could have been Clint you know.

Ozzy - I'm the dark lord with dark thoughts. No bats were eaten you will be glad to hear but there are some in this mans belfry.

Robin - Robin Williams played Mrs. Doubtfire and when I'm active doubt is on fire.

These characters have all been in my head this week especially Robin. Is Italy the right place to go on holiday? Is that the best bottle of wine for a birthday present? Stripy socks in the office, really?

Once their voice is in your head it's like the chorus of Agadoo. You cannot shift it for days. No, don't push the pineapple.

Llama's really? Robin, enough. The Llama's were to get rid of you lot and create a more positive outlook on life again. Touchy!!!

A local farmer, yes he's a llama farmer, has recently brought some Llama's. He then put up a giant fence. I did not know Llamas could jump eight feet and put netting so you cannot see them from the road. So I walked down to see them and managed to get a photo through the fence as a donkey and her foal who were in the same field as companions were trying to get to me for carrots I assume. Thankful I did not alarmallama.

As I am delving into the old records catalogue anyone for Llama, Llama, Llama cameleon? I did not think so.

So, it's never easy. I have written a 100 word story this week, drummed, run and still I am a little flat. One bedroom flat or maybe a studio flat. This week the value of enjoying the moment with all my senses, the sight of spring flowers, the sound of lambs in the field, that was a shock, the feel of sunshine on my skin, the taste of an Indian curry and smell of Rosemary which is growing in my herb garden.

Metal wealth is being restored.

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