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A life in a year | Simple pleasures

Updated: Apr 4, 2023

Simple pleasure 1 - Nature Look around you, you will see what I mean. These are bulbs that I kept from last year. They were a lovely gift and I have tried to keep them alive into this year. They have survived a house move and are now sat on the window ledge. I hope they do flower but the simple measure of seeing them grow every day is just as exciting.

Enjoy the journey every day. Sometimes it is hard but natural growth is a very simple pleasure.

To that end the herb garden is also going mad. Despite the frost, in some cases I think the frost is helping, the mint and the thyme are going mad at the moment. What a wonderful sight to see them absorbing the sunlight, over which I have no impact, drinking the water which I supply on a regular basis and then doing their thing. Amazing and uplifting.

Simple pleasure 2 - Food I love eating and sometimes I will indulge in going to a Michelin star restaurant for the variety and experimentation it creates. If they are good, and I have not had the best experiences lately, they should delight the tastebuds.

However, home cooking is fantastic even if you get it wrong. Toad in the hole is a relatively easy meal but I now have to use oat milk rather than cows milk. I'm lactose intolerant although generally intolerant.

The batter did not rise sadly but tasted really good, however the onion gravy an experiment from first principles was a sensation in my eyes, maybe that should be in my mouth. If it was in my eyes I would have been eating it wrongly.

It just reminded my that mental wealth can come from failure, well not really failure I did not burn it, but from a journey that taught me something both in terms go successful gravy experimentation and a flat batter that helped me to know what to do next time.

Simple pleasure 3 - Drink Grapes, sunshine, fermentation. The simplest of simple pleasures unless you start smelly old socks, cigar or dragons breathe on the nose. I can be snobby about wine but to be honest just drink it and enjoy it. This bottle from my favourite wine growing area, Sonoma in California, was wonderful. It went with the steak beautifully and was part of a wonderfully relaxed evening out at the pub.

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