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My Haiku month for mental wealth

In December I decided I would start the year trying to support an organisation who have helped me in my darker moments. I was trying to decide what to do. Poetry seemed my obvious outlet but a normal poem seemed out of the question.

Late in December, as the festive flurry calmed down I read a book of poems someone had given to me. It contained a beautiful Haiku poem. A Haiku poem officially has 17 syllables split in 5 for the first line, 7 for the second and not surprisingly if my maths is right, 5 for the last line. Simple elegant and really hard to control. This was the poem that inspired me.

Oh brilliant moon,

Is it true that even you,

Are late for some date?

Kobayashi Issa (1763 - 1827)

So I started with:

A New Years forming | How must I sculpture my fate | Carve it from kindness

I had my highs:

Under the duvet | Sun streaming through the window | Beautifully relaxed

My lows:

Why is this so hard | To keep all of this together | I cry in silence

And some humour maybe:

Haiku ... bless you ... What? | Oh I see very funny | Was that for a bet?

So, if you enjoy these visit my page. Enjoy, if you like it engage with Mind and help enrich my understanding of mental wealth.

Enjoy | Engage | Enrich

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