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Sage Howls | Mad, glad, sad and mental wealth

Mad | Where the hell did that digital art come from? A cast off from Andy Warhol?

I wish. This is me. Drunk, happy and looking slightly mad.

This piece of digital art, far from deterring me, drove me on to do more.

In these times of mental health, and for someone who has seen and felt suicidal first hand, the creative arts have been a life line.

Glad | I met this critter on a beach in Monterrey. Soaking up the sun I threw him a piece of bread and he obliged by allowing me to take his phone. I find its pictures like these that I return to to feel glad about life. I would recommend it as tonic in these difficult Covid times.

Sad | For me Smokey Robinson says it best, the tears of a clown when no one is around. I've struggles with sadness. It has destroyed friendships, a marriage and my relationship with four children. I have struggled to enjoy my life and search for meaning within it.

The website that I have now launched is my attempt to reconnect with a world I have struggled to be a part of. I have felt distant, far too distant at times. I want to reconnect, collaborate, create something with like minded people who are trying to come back from the bring or just want to collaborate on something.

A doctor said to me years ago, when I was ironically working on Prozac, that our mental wealth, not health, is like a cars petrol tank. Very occasionally something fills the tank to the brim like a wedding or a new baby.

Most of the time our tank is half full and we ignore the fact. It is only when we get to the reserve tank that we start to address the fact our mental wealth is incredibly low. It then takes time to refuel, much like charging a Tesla. We need to be more aware of our mental wealth and keep topping up the tank on a daily basis. Beautiful sunrises, the sound of the birds, the vivid yellow of gorse bushes, a conversation with a loved one. The list goes on and so should we to improve our mental wealth.

My hope is that by me, Sage, howling about mental health and you collaborating with me, we can show the world how to conquer chronic mental illness.

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