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The Benches Project

I have always found benches fascinating.


Oh, you are back are you?

Their location for me is to provide this weary traveller with a place to sit after a long walk.

Or a location for a night time drinking party?

Yes I have seen the debris from those nights ...

... including those too drunk to make it home?

It's a fair point, A place where you can admire the view and take stock of the beauty of life or just use it as a cheep AirBnB.

In this picture the bench affords you the opportunity of staring at a long forgotten swing bridge on the Kennet and Avon canal.

And how long did it take you to walk to get to this astonishing view?

I'll ignore the underlying sarcasm.

I'm not sure it was that well buried.

We got to the bench after an hours walk which was a delight. The suns warmth on our back, the blue sky peppered with white, billowing clouds, the sounds of lambs in the field, the sound of swifts on the wing ...

... and the smell of cow shit in the field. Not to mention the sunburn.

It's all part of the experience. There was the smell of freshly mown grass as well. The gushing of the water through the locks. Just delightful. The walk really lifts the spirits.

So, did you sit on the bench?

No, we were hungry and the fig roll supply had run out.

So the bench was not that useful after all. I rest my case.

If you rested your case on the bench then it would have purpose.

The bench project is just another reason to really take in the sights, sounds and ...

... smells ...

... yes smells, gently touch the plants, see the lambs in the field.

For me this is a way to use my camera more and to tighten my enjoyment of the countryside when I am walking in it. Is that such a bad thing.

I guess not.

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